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WE are a group of friends that walk in the grey area on occasion. Some of these are us, some are friends or people we know, some are not. We do not guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of any post. This is merely for fun and entertainment purposes. Any similarities of/to people posted in this blog are purely coincidental. Feel free to submit your amateur interracial, swinger, gangbang, sex party, big asses, hot wife/GF, self pics, bbc….whatever, to :

Fine ass


i grabbed her ass, slamming it up and down.  i could feel her orgasms rumble and his cock slide along mine in her ass, our balls resting on one another, it felt amazing, all of us in tandem, all to make pet happy.  pet, of course, wasn’t even conscious after she felt the head of his nice long dick press against her asshole and enter.  i spread her ass wide for him,  fully displaying her pussy being split open by my pole, almost like an arrow pointing him where to cum.  he slowly rocked his cock into her as she moaned, fitting more and more.  at first i felt his cock head push into the base of my dick in her pussy.  i knew he was deep when i felt the head of his cock slide up against mine, separated by only her thin pussy lips.  thats when i grabbed her and began forcing her onto us, over and over, splitting both her holes wide open.

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